Enjoy the Ride

A soul is a resilient thing.

It is amazing what a soul can endure, how it can change and evolve, and how it can do it all at the same time. Our transitions throughout life are incredible, in many more ways than the obvious. The physical changes that occur in our bodies are equally amazing. What happens to us on a spiritual level during these times is paramount. And yet, we rush through the stages of our lives, moving on before we have even experienced anything.

Many of us are willing to accept the changes, but unwilling to suffer the process. By doing this we rob ourselves of the actual experience and do not undergo any real change; in some ways, we become fixed in a single place with varied scenery. While everything around us is recast we often fail to achieve any true metamorphosis of our own. We too frequently forget just how resilient we are.

We shy away from things we do not know, things we do not understand, and from this is born our fear of change. At least, from what I have personally observed, it would appear that this is what holds most of us back. Because we can envision the end result of the change, we can open ourselves up and accept it. However, it is often difficult for us to picture how the transition from A to B actually happens. The unknown is absolute and that is what we really need to accept. In the very least we must start acknowledging it.

Sometimes the most horrific ends have beautiful processes. Often our happy endings are preceded by turmoil and struggle. And, almost always the journey is more important than the destination. We cannot be so quick to jump to the next spot on the map. The detours and roads less traveled can be so revealing, and not just about where we are going, but also about ourselves.

By constantly skipping ahead we falsify our growth. Our evolution becomes stunted and renders our spiritual development static. It is a universal crime we will all be found guilty of at one time or another. Instead, we should relish every moment we find ourselves in, then try and find where that piece fits in the proverbial puzzle. We must remember the pieces are small. We must remember each one has its specific place. We must remember that each one fits into at least one other. If you think of life like this it is easier to understand and see that everything is connected.

Every moment connects to every other moment no matter have many others may lay between them. The same can be said of all facets of life. These moments connect together forming the lessons that are attached to the experiences in a complete chaotic order. We must concern ourselves more with finding the pieces and spend less time looking at the picture on the front of the box fantasizing about our own completed puzzle.

I dare you or anyone to bring forth the one who holds the clock in hand.

There are no time limits.

Growth should be fluid. It will not be without ups and downs as such things are both necessary and unavoidable. The growth of your soul must happen organically. Nothing in nature skips ahead. A tree was not always a tree. It was once a seed, and then a sapling…such growth and changes does not happen overnight. It simply cannot.

Therefore, the absence of the process voids the end result.

Rather, the absence of a complete, organic process results in no real change whatsoever.

If only we would remember how resilient we are. Unfortunately, we are in too much of a hurry. It is too easy to find the fastest way to get where you are going. A soul needs experience (it needs soul food) in its rawest form. No transition is ever the same, but each one is link to another. Each of these moments of growth is connected to the one that happened before it.

If you stop and take the time to have an experience once in while you will begin to build an arsenal of wisdom you never thought possible. This is a realization that will make you crave change and your soul will evolve.

Your soul will become an even more resilient thing.

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