Soul Food

In my opinion, once you cease to grow, cease to learn, you no longer experience and you begin the slow process of dying.

To exist is to grow.

To live is to learn.

To do both is experience.

And, whether in this physical raiment, another or even none at all, you exist.

A soul is a resilient thing.

And, if you are doing neither growing nor learning I would have to inquire as to why you are here, since this is a place overflowing with opportunities to do both. There is such an incredible amount of STUFF to be gained, so much at the ready to help us grow and change right here – and now. There is an infinite number of THINGS to learn, and yet, so many of us turn our backs to such experiences without good reason.

A soul is a resilient thing.

It will bounce back from failure.

It will brush itself off and pick itself up after being pushed down, ground into the dirt.

And, a soul learns something in every experience it is a part of whether the lesson reaches a point of understanding in that particular lifetime or not. Because of that we should never
hinder our growth or deny ourselves the opportunity to learn.

No Regrets

Funny thing the notion of living life to the fullest, living life with no regrets is; funny because so many people claim to be doing this and are so obviously mistaken. A life lived to its fullest is far less complicated than the way most of us carry on. The absence of complexity leaves only simplicity and it is from that that one can draw the greatest fulfilment.

People attach so much value to things that are empty and meaningless; they save their purpose for vanity’s sake and ignore the fullness and true meaning of life.

As incredible as it is that two people can look at the same thing and yet describe two completely different scenes, it is equally incredible how much people miss.

People nowadays seem to have only one speed: OVERDRIVE. And, this has thrust a huge number of us into a state of distraction. Our attention gets pulled every which way and then drawn so far from the very thing that requires its attentive focus. A big part of that is thanks to our obsession with others, with celebrity, with television and social media.

Though we like to call ourselves independent we look to others, to people we do not even properly know, people we have never met, for something to think about. I call it preoccupation terrorism. That pretty and colourful box, all those shiny pages on store racks, all the dings and dongs notifying us of the latest #trend, preoccupy us and take our eyes off ourselves.

And that, my friends, is what sparks the competition and throws us all into overdrive. While you may think it impossible to have no regrets, possibly because you have done all you wanted to do, you will have regrets that will haunt you always; with so much of our focus drawn to the need to achieve we have forgotten to dream real dreams. We ignore and forget our heart’s true desires.

We forget entirely to wish wishes.

The regrets you will have will come to you in another world, perhaps in another lifetime, but not here and not now. These are not regrets that will plague your mind or heavy your heart, as you move on and become weightless in death, for the regret of a soul is as resilient as the soul itself. Unfulfilled such regret can become consuming.

The Needs of a Soul

A soul must grow, learn and experience or it will be burdened by regret. You do not need “stuff,” money, looks, the latest mobile phone or a full social calendar to live a full life. You do not need to check a bunch of crazy things off a stupid list to have no regrets. You do need to pull yourself out every once in a while, some of us more, and examine that which appears to be drawing the bulk of our attention.

We need to believe in our independence and start acting like we actually have some. Switch your focus and slow down; you will find you are actually less distracted. It will be so much easier once you ignore all of the flash to simplify and really live. You will find yourself in a moment of clarity. One that makes you question all the moments that have come before; this moment will be unlike any other. This will be the real one, so pay close attention; you may not get another opportunity like it.

Then, it will not be funny; it will not be some silly notion. It will be reality and it will be life in its purest, fullest form. You will be a soul who has grown, learned and experienced.

You will be a soul who has truly lived, and done so with no regrets.

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