Rebecca is an author, artist, and advocate.

A bit about me.

I am a passionate creative type living with multiple physical chronic illnesses, including Type 1 Diabetes, as well as multiple mental illnesses.

My desire is to raise awareness and end stigma, advocating on a global scale for those living with mental illness; I strive to change society’s perceptions of what is “normal” in both mind and body.

It is my familial connection to Sir Frederick Banting, as well as my own journey with Type 1 Diabetes, that drives my advocacy within the diabetes community and beyond.

Most times my nose is in a book – sometimes it is one I am reading, sometimes it is one in which I am writing, and sometimes it is my sketchbook.

A bit about this blog…

This blog is primarily a collection of posts about my life, and the things (like family, marriage, parenthood, homeschooling, art, chronic/mental illness) that make it mine.

Occasionally you will see a short story or poem.

These musings are occasionally optimistic, periodically pessimistic, and habitually honest.

Be warned: the language may not always be pretty, but neither is life, right!?

And remember…a soul is a resilient thing.

– R