Colouring Pages

Some of you may not know, but I am an artist as well. When my son and niece were little, I would create custom colouring pages for them. It was so fun to watch them bring to life those scattered lines on the page.

A few years ago, I created a colouring page for my friends I met at (adult) diabetes camp. It was a hit, and not just with the adults. And so I have created a colouring page for National Diabetes Awareness Month (NDAM) every November since.

January 2023 will see the addition of a ✨new✨ collection of colouring pages, my Bad Words pages will be offered up monthly. Please note, these pages will be pretty and full of curse words.

2019 NDAM Colouring Page

The original colouring page designed for NDAM 2019. You may have picked one up at Friends For Life Canada! It is available for download anytime – don’t forget to tag #asoulisaresilientthing when sharing on social media, I’d love to see your artwork!

2020 NDAM Diabadass Colouring Page

One of two pages available for download this year, the You Are A Diabadass page is great for gifting your diabuddy or as a reminder for yourself. Tag #asoulisaresilientthing if you post on social media, I wouldn’t want to miss seeing your fabulous efforts!

2020 NDAM Colouring Page

“You Are Amazing” is prominent on this colouring page. Give it your artistic touch to brighten your day or that of your diabestie. And don’t forget, if you post it on social media, I’d love to see it – tag #asoulisaresilietthing!

2021 NDAM Colouring Page (UPDATED)

“100 Years of Insulin” is being celebrated this year. Diabetes requires a lot of work and that is represented by the intricacies of this mandala. There’s also a couple of hidden icons in the picture, maybe you can spot them! Please download, print, and share your creations on social media (be sure to tag me @rebaredmond or #asoulisaresilientthing) because I’d love to see them.

2022 NDAM Colouring Page (Omnipod)

This year’s NDAM colouring page celebrated resilience through layered symbolism. A beautiful bouquet of chrysanthemums, November’s birth flower, and space to write a positive message.

A new monthly offering!! Hope you like it. 🤭

January 2023 – I think I seized the wrong f*cking day.

February 2023 – Let the f*cks flow.

March 2023 – Holy Sh*t! It’s Spring.

April 2023 – F*ck around and find out.

May 2023 – It’s fine. Everything is fine.