Earth Underfoot

**I penned the original version of this poem in March of 2007; it took until September 2008 for me to stop revising it and finally be happy with the outcome. Only to have me reexplore it in February 2021.** This is a photograph (I took) from one of my most treasured places to hike - … Continue reading Earth Underfoot

Culpable Consumption

Life with chronic illness (or several) is not what most would describe as a perfectly pleasant cup of tea. In fact, most would consider one more than enough. But we do not dictate the dishes life serves off its menu. Instead, we are force fed situation and circumstance. So, you either make do, add a … Continue reading Culpable Consumption

The Days

**This is a poem I wrote nearly a decade ago - it was published here in this space back in 2013 after it suffered failure in a Diabetes Poetry contest (the winning submissions far cheerier). I revisited it, tweaked it, and offer it up to you, once again.** This photo was taken by me during … Continue reading The Days