Beware the Straight-liners

No two diabetics or people with diabetes are the same. They just aren’t, and everyone living with diabetes (regardless of type) does so differently. And yet, I have found there is a great deal of pressure in the community. I have found there is an unspoken notion that some T1Ds are better “at it” than others. This notion, though … Continue reading Beware the Straight-liners

Me and My Anxiety

Having been together for some time, we have developed a routine - anxiety and me. But it does not mean our relationship lacks surprise. Anxiety continues to bring the unexpected into my life. A lot of people do not understand what it means to live with mental illness. Some people view it as a mechanism … Continue reading Me and My Anxiety

Earth Underfoot

**I penned the original version of this poem in March of 2007; it took until September 2008 for me to stop revising it and finally be happy with the outcome. Only to have me reexplore it in February 2021.** This is a photograph (I took) from one of my most treasured places to hike - … Continue reading Earth Underfoot