Sparky and Reba Eat the World: Flight Delay

Time has a funny way of slipping away even when you (think) you are paying attention.

We tried really hard. We really did.

But the month of March? POOF! Gone.

And our destination date night along with it.

Such is life tough, riiight!?

And it certainly did not mean we didn’t spend any time together. We did. Loads actually. But we were doing things: going to appointments, running errands, serving up Fun Lunch at our son’s school… together.

And we had meals together too.

We just couldn’t navigate to executing our planned dinner date.

Pivoting Partners

If there’s one thing Sparky and I do really well, it’s read each other. Often times we can tell the other one is uncomfortable before they themselves know.

And that helps.

Especially given our differing levels of anxiety and ability to “people”.

We have been able to shift and adapt with seamless ease since the day we met.

And it also means that we are okay (for the most part) when plans change.

Soup n’ Scrabble

Near the end of March, when we realized there were a handful of days and no opportunities to fly away on our forks, we were caught off guard by a sudden blast of snowy cold weather. It seemed a perfect night for soup.

The kid had a long day and was keen to finish building a park in Jurassic Park Evolution 2 (or whatever it is called), and the remaining adults were over it all too.

So. The kid slurped soup while virtually roaming with dinosaurs. My mother-in-law lost herself in an (what sounded like a drama-filled) episode of Coronation Street. And Sparky and I said, “to heck with it all, let’s do soup n’ Scrabble and call it a Date Night!”

And we did.

With a side of (diet – I live with type 1 diabetes and he has type 2) Ginger Ale because our tummies were feeling punky.

April fools?

Our hope is to renew our destination dining adventure this month. But April is edging ever onward and is only set to get busier for us.

I’m out-of-town on business for several days next week and Sparky’s work schedule seems intent on him not being home for dinner.

Kind of hard to plan a dinner date with someone who works shifts that mostly find him returning home at 8 pm or later…ugh!

We will definitely keep you posted on where we attempt to “go” and what we eat.

Until then, let me know if you’d like a FREE downloadable recipe for “March” – I can offer my Meatball Soup or easy French Bread (both pictured). And will update this post with those, should anyone ask.


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