Earth Underfoot

**I penned the original version of this poem in March of 2007; it took until September 2008 for me to stop revising it and finally be happy with the outcome. Only to have me reexplore it in February 2021.**

This is a photograph (I took) from one of my most treasured places to hike – The Pinery Provincial Park. Whenever I visit its forests, I am overwhelmed by the deep connection I feel to the earth on which I am so fortunate to stand and in awe of the beauty that surrounds me.

Earth Underfoot

Alone in some wood,
stands a soul misunderstood,
in that quiet and clear
with nothing else near,
but the whispering trees
and a song on the breeze.

It is a song for the ages;
a lyrical crying for changes.

Now, the earth underfoot
was covered in soot,
because the bird on the wire
sat watching the fire
leaving ash in its wake,
it destroys, then creates,
a life in the ground
that is yet to be found.

But it is protected
by those still undetected.

In the quiet and still
the moon warns of a chill
rolling over the water
in search of his daughter,
who cares for this land
in the palm of her hand.

With all safe in her keep
she rocks them to sleep;
as they drift away
soon comes the day.
The sun shining bright,
to that soul’s great delight,
they one dancing with grace
in hope of saving this place.

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