CAMP is a Four Letter Word: Part 3

Bring a week’s worth of supplies, they said. So I did. And this is what a week’s worth of supplies looks like for me – including a variety of my go-to Hypo treatments. So. Much. Stuff.

Packing sucks.

Especially for CAMP.

It sucks more when you are a Type 1 Diabetic.

Going to CAMP.

And it sucks even more, if you are packing to go north.

Gah, so many layers needed…

You’d think I was going away for a week. I packed double what I need, and 5 pairs of shoes. For two days. Seriously! But I’m going to be over 500 km from home and I don’t want to be without anything I might need.

Wait! I’m going to be 500 km from!?!? Thanks Google Maps. Bring on the panic.

Just breathe. It’s a doable drive. It’s a nice drive. Take it one hour at a time.

I have the Packing List provided by the CAMP. I’ve made my personalizations. And a secondary list. My route is plotted. Including where I will stop for gas. And food. I’ve even set alarms for checking my glucose levels.

As a Diabetic, there are certain “rules” I must adhere to in order to safely drive. My glucose must read between 5.0 and 13.0 to venture out behind the wheel.

FIVE to DRIVE is the title of the obligatory handout you receive at the Endocrinology Clinic. Cute, eh? *eye roll*

I’ve packed a trusty road kit of everything I could possibly need along my way. Stuff for hypos. Extra water. My husband even took the time to add a few new tunes to the playlist in the car. And since I’m alone, I can happily (and loudly!) sing my way north. For 500 kilometers!

I’m still not certain I am going. But I am packed. That’s another hurdle jumped. I did plot my route and stops. Another hurdle. I’ve double…triple checked my lists, my bags. And another hurdle.

But I’m still terribly nervous. There’s a light flutter in my chest…

My poor kiddo had a wee meltdown tonight too. And that hasn’t made my decision any easier. Nor has it eased any lingering anxiety. GAH. Nothing pains me more than to see distress on his sweet little face. He did come around and tell me he wants me to have fun.


Less than 12-hours to go.


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