Will you be my Doctor?

This is a “Saved Draft” from the beginning of this year. I just discovered it. It is now May, almost June. It proves I have been shirking my blog duties…again…

Nice to meet you, here’s my VAGINA.

Around 16 months ago, I had most of my cervix removed. It was riddled with cancerous cells. They had hope to be able to just remove the cells but ended up taking most of my cervix along with those nasty beasts.

I made it through the procedure with ease. My recovery did not go quite so smoothly. It took longer than expected and I ended up full of infections. And then followed it all with a bout of double-pneumonia. Yay!

I must go every six months for a procedure to make sure the cells have not returned. Until I get 4 “clear” tests in a row.

Flash forward to now, and I’m due up for another poke-around. This time, I’m in a new city. And it’s a new doctor. Tomorrow I meet the doctor.

AND introduce him to the mess that is my vagina.

Hormones, Schmormones

My Type 1 Diabetes can do a number on me sometimes. Especially around the time of my menstrual cycle. And things have changed! Now…now I get exponentially “emotional” around my cycle. Amongst other things…

In my late-twenties, just before I became pregnant, I was diagnosed with perimenopause. And a decade (ahem!) or so later, it has worsened. Which is expected, as I have grown older. Existed longer.

Aging is an alarming affirmation of our mortality. To know that my body is making biological alterations for future survival is awesome. I appreciate it turning that leaf without my conscious effort. But it can also be worrisome.

At least for me…

Is it night sweats or a hypo?

I went to the doctor…(this is where the “recent stuff” kicks in)

And things went well. He and some student doctors had a good look at all my bits. They did the usually tests, which includes a not-so-friendly biopsy.

I got a good look too. On a giant 4K screen. It was, um, informative.

It was also the fourth test and I came out of it with the good news we had all been hoping for…a CLEAR test. No cancerous or abnormal cells. No coming back for another test in 6 months. Phew!

While most women can now go every three years for the standard Pap Test, I must still go every 12 months. So now I need to find myself a GP, according to the specialist, and get myself a regular Pap Test in the new year. However, finding a new GP, as it turns out, is much easier said than done. As I mentioned above, this post began at the start of the year. We are now nearing the halfway point, and I am no closer to finding a GP in my new city of residence.

And that is becoming a problem.

Is it hormones? Maybe yes. Maybe no.

Today I went to another doctor. Because we moved a fair distance away from our previous city, I have had to switch to a new Diabetes Clinic. And today I (finally) met my new Endo. For a little less than 5 minutes. After nearly 4 hours of waiting and interviews. *sigh*

In the last two weeks my blood glucose levels have gone off the rails. And we (as in hubby and I) are stumped as to why. So, this appointment could not have come at a better time.


A couple of weeks ago I had a serious episode at work. Where I lost consciousness briefly. And suffered a mild seizure. Thankfully, those two moments happened with my husband by my side – just before those happened, I had suffered a bad hypoglycemic event, and he had been called to bring me home.

Eventually, I was well enough to walk to the car. And home we went, where I spent nearly 36-hours in bed. Sleeping on and off. Rising only for the occasional cuddle from my scared yet stoic little one. As the back-end of those 36-hours bled into Mother’s Day…

Anyways, hormones.

The new Endo, and nurse, were quite concerned about the event that took place at work. And by my recent number of inexplicable lows and highs. So, some changes to my management regime have been made. To be implemented immediately.

But the other recommendations are slightly more difficult to put in to action…

I was told I need to find a GP. As only they can make the needed referrals. To ALL the other doctors/specialists they have suggested I go see…

Because it could be my hormones.

But it could also be something else.


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