End of the Year

Sometimes we make changes.

Sometimes changes make us.

In both instances an exchange occurs and, regardless of how it appears/feels/looks, we come out on the up. And not enough of us realize that in time to truly appreciate what we have been gifted.

My absence from this space represents many things.

Somewhere a while back, I lost my want to write. I say this because I ceased making time for it. I stopped it from being an important part of my life. If I had truly wanted it, I would have fought for it. No more did I pick up pen and put it to paper. No longer did I flutter across the keyboard allowing thoughts to spill across the screen…

And that I can’t explain.

And that frustrates me.

It’s no secret, 2016 was a bit of an arse-kicker for me. It’s also no secret 2017 has been about the same. In fact, it was an emotional roller coaster that I wasn’t sure I would escape! I mean, aside from the obvious “anything can happen,” I knew I would live to see the year out, but holy EFF – the emotions, oh the emotions!

The year 2017 will represent realization for me. If I’m alive 50 years from now, I will remember (both fondly and not so fondly) all the things I realized during this year. Thankful for it all, but what a heavy load.

And now things are different.

And now, things are better.

For everyone the end of the year represents something unique. A lot of people mark it with reflection. Some look ahead with great promise. Others shake off what’s been weighing them down and float forward on bubbles of hope. And there are those who carry on, as if it were any day. Whatever it represents for you (whenever you celebrate your new year), I hope it brings you some kind of practical peace.

The kind of peace that gives your heart more guts.

And maybe your head a bit more heart.

To hold on to. To keep you humble yet strong.

See you in 2018. πŸ˜‰

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