For Shit’s Sake

Been a while.  I know.  What can I say?

It appears to me that a lot of people are busy (or attempt to busy themselves) this time of year.  I think we all try to improve and spring clean after the winter holidays.  Some of us do it in earnest.  Others do it because that’s what we are trained to do…

Our first quarter of this year has been one packed full of change.  On every level.  Each nook and cranny of our little life has seen or experienced change during these last few months.  Even that dusty corner we thought only we knew about has been exposed.

And it has proven to be all for the better.

AND it has proven that all of the pre-cleaning we had been doing really did pay off.  Phew!

AND it has proven our dream is still alive.

AND it has proven we really do want the same thing.

In one end

All relationships are tested.  They have to be.  Without challenging them how would we ever know what they can become?  How would we ever know what they are capable of enduring?  That isn’t to say that our relationships should deliberately be tested.  But it also isn’t bad if we do.  Within reason.

Sometimes everything needs a little push.

That’s what I like about being in a partnership, like my marriage.  My husband might argue that he doesn’t necessarily push me as hard as I push him.  But he does.  It is all about perspective.  Though he may not see it (I do) there is a give and take between us.

When events happen in a relationship the reasons why are not always clear.  Such things often catch us off guard.  Or happen unexpectedly.  And that’s usually where everything goes wrong.  Because most people have that initial thought of, holy fuck what the fuckity-fuck just fucking happened, and resign themselves to whatever impending doom is currently lurking over them.  And, I would say, that reaction is not isolated solely to events within a relationship.  From observation and experience I would say that goes for most situations sprung on us.

Do you ever feel like you're just floating there waiting for someone else to push the lever?

Do you ever feel like you’re just floating there waiting for someone else to push the lever?

Part of the problem is most of us have a hard time eating shit.  Actually.  I would say that is a large part of the problem.  If we could just get that first spoonful of nasty crap down the rest would go down much easier.  And then we would be able to digest it.  Because we would have taken it all in.  And there would be something to begin to absorb.  Something to begin to process.  Work through.  Something to understand.

If we are unable to eat the shit that seeks to undermine our efforts, the shit that pops up as a road block on your route, the shit that just seems to fall all around us after hitting the fan, then we will have no hope or means of plotting through it.  Or blowing through it at lightning speed.  However you tackle your shit, the key is initiation…

Because if you never start you will never see anything come of it.

And out the other…

No one wants to eat shit.  Or deal with it.  But the truth is you will.

One day or another.

Each and every one of us will encounter a moment of unpleasantness, a moment of hurt, anguish, confusion.  We will all have something requiring our attention.  Something that will cause us to pause, perhaps adjust, and decide how to proceed from there.  Maybe that be forging ahead, taking that spoonful and then eating the entire nasty bowl only to say, that’s it?  One little bowl of shit wasn’t that bad.  Or maybe you will just turn and run.  Far, far away.  But if you do that, you will get no nuggets of knowledge.  No pearls of wisdom will filter out.  With nothing taken in, there will be nothing to absorb, process or work through.  You will gain no relief or understanding.

And you will likely stay bunged up.

Full of shit.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

I realize this post (might be) a titch all over the place, and if not that then I know it lacks true direction…and perhaps, a point.

But I am currently living the life chaotic.  All of these changes have rendered me uninspired.  Which is sad.  But also something I think every writer/artist/creative person goes through.  Here’s hoping this latest writing slump is temporary.  On the plus side, life beyond the screen is going really well.

Thanks, as always, for continuing to stop by.

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