Got Pneumonia?

Where do I begin?

The last couple of weeks have been quite eventful. I think that is an accurate understatement. I started my part-time job. We seem to be settling in to the routine of work and school; the wee one has been doing really well.

He really enjoys school. Though he has expressed that sometimes he finds it boring because all they do is play. He has a strong desire to learn and that is becoming very apparent. So we have increased the amount of learning he does at home. And that seems to have created a nice balance for us.

Then we got some bad news. A phone call from the school at the end of my second shift at work found me rushing over to the school to pick up my little guy. He had been coughing for a couple of days. A dry cough. Given the high pollen count we assumed it was his grass allergies. The teacher informed me he was having trouble catching his breath. And the cough was turning into fits of uncontrollable coughing. So. I picked him up and called the doctor immediately. They could get us in in an hour or so. Perfect.

Am I a good parent?

I called my husband and he left work to meet us. We piled into the car and headed to the doctor’s office. Saw the nurse and then piled back into the car. We were headed to Urgent Care. There was a troubling sound in his right lung. Later, at Urgent Care, following a couple of chest x-rays, my wee guy was diagnosed with pneumonia. What the fuck? Fucking pneumonia!?!?!? Are you serious?

After rushing and sitting around for hours we landed at the drug store (where hubby works) to fill the wee guy’s prescription. But they were swamped. It was going to be over an hour before it was ready. Really? We headed home. Grabbed the little guy a ham and cheese sub (his only request). Hubby headed back out and grabbed the nasty, chalky bilge we were supposed to give the little guy twice a day for two weeks. We are lucky to have such a good boy. Not once did he complain about taking it. That was not a fight I was prepared to have. So grateful it was avoided.

He was diagnosed the Thursday before our Thanksgiving weekend. The night he and I were supposed to attend The Wiggles concert. Didn’t happen. Neither did our weekend trip to the fair. And he missed the entire following week of school.

Awesomeness. Mom of the year? Nope. Not me. Truthfully. The whole situation freaked me right out. He has never had a prescription or any kind of illness outside of a cold. And I feel like I failed him. I feel like I should have caught this sooner. Before it escalated. Even though the nurse told us that it comes on very suddenly. And there wasn’t anything else we could have done. Sucky mom, that’s me.

What a week!

The week ahead was going to be hectic. I had two cake orders due. One was a super last minute request. To be picked up the day after our trip to Urgent Care. Because we were slated to attend the concert I had prepared it on the Wednesday. The cake was great. I was really happy with the outcome, especially given the time restraint. But the morning of pick up the cake appeared to have fallen slightly. There was a very slight bulge. Oh fuck me! Really? I do not have time for this…

Unfortunately I really didn’t have time to fix it. I would have liked to but it was not possible. I apologized profusely to the gentleman picking it up and gave them a half pound of chocolate fudge. But his reaction didn’t leave me feeling very confidant. Quite the opposite in fact. Thankfully, the next day, I heard from the gal who placed the order and the cake had been a success. Phew!

We survived the week. With a lot of cooperation. And grace. It wasn’t easy but we managed some fun in there too.

The hubby and I were opposite each other last week. Not something we would normally favour but it worked out since we had the little guy at home. The hubby and the wee one got a good dose of each other. And I was able to complete all of my scheduled shifts. Something I was unable to do the previous week. My first week. Talk about a flooding of self-doubt, second guessing and fear. And disappointment. With myself.

I learned a lot from the experiences of the whole ordeal. There were nuggets of knowledge all along the way. From Urgent Care to the first day back to school. I learned that it is nearly impossible to get my kiddo to rest. Everyone told us that the best thing for pneumonia is rest. But he wasn’t buying what we were selling. And that led to a couple of disagreements. I happily learned that we can juggle more than we thought. Sometimes you truly do not know what you can handle until it is actually in your hands.

And now what?

So. With the terrible week (and pneumonia) behind us, the wee one headed back to school and we headed to work. Hopefully the week ahead takes it a bit easier on us. We will see. There is always this thing that lingers…possibility. And that can be scary. Sometimes. Possibilities are endless but that isn’t always a wanted or welcome thing.

Today I finally sat down long enough to formulate a couple of thoughts. And offer you this post. A bit garbled I admit. But my morning didn’t start out all that great. Meh. I made a promise to myself that I would post something. So here it is.

Hope you have a fabulous day.

5 thoughts on “Got Pneumonia?

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  2. You poor thing. Especially about the self-doubts. Good heavens, it’s enough having your small child ill without adding your own guilt on top of it.

    As far as the enforcing rest thing goes, their wee little selves really do tell them what is best, to a degree. I had pneumonia twice as an infant–the second time, when I was still in footsie pajamas, not quite two years old, my only memory is of standing at the back screen door in the cold,. looking outside, watching the other children playing, resentful as all get-out that I wasn’t allowed to go outside and play because I had pneumonia. And surely not suffering all that much if playing was my primary concern! 🙂

    I’m so glad your son is well again.

    • Thank you. Anyone who thinks parenting is easy simply isn’t doing it right. At least thinking that has provided me some comfort.

      He mended up from the pneumonia, only missing a week of school. Had a good week, then was diagnosed with severe bronchitis. 😦 Two puffers and two more weeks off school. Poor lad. Missed all of the October festivities at school. However, he was well enough to return today. Class photo day!

      • I was a really sickly kid with lots of allergies, asthma, and bronchitis. As an adult, the bronchitis remained, with a dreadful annual bout. Always figured, as did all docs, it was just par for the effed-up-me course.

        Telling you this because: My nasal septum was finally undeviated in my late 30s–and I have never had bronchitis since!

        Should your sweetie ever have another bout, find a great ENT and check architecture of sinuses on your son: Septum, adenoids.

        After what just occurred, I’m also thinking your family might invest in a HEPA filter in his bedroom to reduce indoor pollutants–Careful: Some have high noise levels–and, if the room is winter-dry, a humidifier.

      • You are so lovely. Thank you. We have a HEPA and a humidifier. I too suffered great bouts of all sorts of respiratory issues (pneumonia, bronchitis) as a child. However, I seem to have traded those out for diabetes, kidney troubles, gastro-crap, etc. 😉

        We recently discussed a trip to an ENT. Thankfully, since we moved, we have a wonderful GP so should any of this happen again.

        It doesn’t help that the poor thing has grass allergies and during the time he had pneumonia the pollen counts were unusually high. :/

        Thank you so much for your advice. It is greatly appreciated.

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