A Quick Hello

Hello. How are you? I hope you are well.

It would appear that it has been a while since I have popped on here with a post. I have done my best to give my readership, LIKEs and comments to all those I follow. But I have to admit it has been hard to find the time. To get it all done.


Well. In a word? LIFE. A small word for such a big thing. Complicated thing. And it can get away from and catch up to you all at once!

If you read my blog with any kind of regularity you will know that my little one started full-day kindergarten at the beginning of the month. That alone presented a big change, a shift for our household. And I discovered that I am not one to sit idle. Well. I already knew that but those couple of days at the start of September solidified that notion. So. I picked up a part-time job. I am nervous and excited.

I haven’t worked for anyone but myself in quite a while. In the last decade I have found it physically difficult to stay at a job. Looking over my records of employment I have not been able to complete more than six months in a position. For this reason, I made a decision shortly after graduating university to strictly work retail. Because the scheduling and atmosphere is more akin to my needs. Regardless, my health always seems to get away from me. And that is why I always tell people Type 1 Diabetes is a full time job. But no one seems to believe that.

Anyways, the position I got is in retail. And it is seasonal. So we’ll see what happens.

Picture This

Since we were last here, my family had our pictures taken. Professionally. We had never had family photos before. Well. I lie a bit with that statement. When the little guy was about 3 months old we popped in to Sears for a photo session. Neither hubby nor I were happy with the outcome. Not the fault of the photographer. We were just not where we wanted to be. So we bought up a bunch prints. And only put up ones of the wee guy by himself. The ones of us were not fit for public consumption.

So. That combined with our non-existent wedding meant we were overdue for some pictures. And this time they were fabulous. We booked a session with a couple I know from high school. As a person who relies on local support for my art/business I try my best to give my money to those in a similar position. Mike (the photographer) is awesome and laid back. We did the shoot in the woods. Took our shoes and socks off, played in the river and ran through a field of flowers. We had a blast and it really came through in the pictures.

In fact, the pictures are so amazing we are still struggling to pick the ones we want to order prints of!

I love my family. And this picture sums the three of us up quite nicely!

A little of this…

It is my birthday in a couple of days. I am not a big party or celebration person. Ironic because I bake for such events. My birthday is exactly one week after my father’s, when I was little we used to celebrate a bunch of birthdays; it was a thing in our family. The September birthdays. Even though mine is in October. My youngest brother (Brother Three), Grampie, Dad, Grandpa and me. Always a family gathering.

Now both grandfathers are gone. And Brother Three wants nothing to do with me.

This year I offered to do the joint celebration here. My folks and Nana came. I cooked a roast beef (my dad’s favourite) and baked a big old chocolate cake (his other favourite). It was a great evening. I think my favourite moment was just before the cake came out, and the little guy says to my dad, hey Grandpa, what are we supposed to say? Choco-cake, choco-cake. Eat it til you get a tummy ache! Fists pounding on the table. I cracked right up (so did Dad) because that’s what my dad used to do when we were kids. I briefly mentioned it to my little guy a couple of days before while we were baking. That kid is like a vault. I swear.

Now my folks are getting packed. We have their furbaby Aries. He stays with us while they are south. He’s like our part-time pet and we could not be happier.

A little of that…

I realized this morning I am less than a week away from completing my #100happydays challenge. I can hardly imagine that much time has transpired. I have kept track both on my personal Facebook and in a journal. Old fashioned like with a pen and paper! I am not sure what will come of it all. If anything.

There has even been a change of season since my last post. So now of course I have a whole lot of outdoor jobs to accomplish. End of summer clean up and all that. I love this time of year. Lots of change and transition. Migration starts. Birds, butterflies, dragonflies. The leaves are changing and falling. The colour palette the world offers this time of year is nothing short of spectacular. So go on and get out there. Enjoy it.

We’ll chat again. Soon. I promise.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Please take the time to check out the photography done by Zekar. And if you are in the area, please, book them for your next session. You will not be disappointed!

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