Ticking the Boxes

There are a lot of things in life that involve choice.

What are you going to do today? Eat for breakfast? Do you want coffee or tea?

How and what we chose are essentially a part of our own uniqueness. And there a lot of different choices to be made. Some choices we are aware of, as if our awareness has some bearing on the outcome, and need to make consciously. Other choices are made seemingly without our true awareness resembling innate decision making. And there are choices to be made that very few people even contemplate let alone stick to…

Are you going to do everything you can to be the best person you can be? Will you help someone today?

Sometimes making the choice is more difficult than the decision itself. Sometimes the simple decision to do something is more important than the outcome. Choice, while often times referenced as something one has the freedom to make, can also come out of confusion, duress or force, misinformation and misunderstanding. Occasionally choice is no choice at all. And, sometimes having a choice poses more of a problem than not.

Additionally, there are a number of things that some people view as a choice but are not so. People seem confused by choice. And what it means. Those are often (and in my experience) narrow-minded, ignorant folks.

Do not look at this and see the one path;
look at it and see the infinite possible ways to reach the sun…

Tough Choices

Some people would rather coast through life unchallenged. Their desire to rush things finds them skipping over steps and necessary moments. Missing opportunities. While it would appear these coasters are getting everything they want while sitting back seemingly doing nothing, they are actually causing themselves real soul damage. And the kind of damage that can go unseen for eternities.

While in this physical raiment many of us assume all that we have to learn will occur during our lifetime. This lifetime. And that this learning will be something we are privy too. A lot of our growth occurs at varying levels, and at levels very few people are able to go to. The requirement is a deep questioning of self that terrifies the average person. Most people do not even recognize any of this, let alone acknowledge or attempt to understand it. Soul growth. Given that our souls are resilient things it should not be surprising that they are the keepers of our greatest knowledge, most treasured memories, and deepest secrets. You are your own governor or governess. YOUR soul, higher self, whatever you would like to call it, is watching over you. Tracking your progress. Like a merged past and future self. Equally unaware of the present but still there to offer support. In cryptic, subconscious ways.

A soul is a resilient thing.

There is a lot of emotional baggage that follows our energy and our light. Travelling behind us in and out of eternities. It is thanks to our souls (and their toughness) that very little of this baggage makes it to our current journey. We are always making choices. What to keep, what to discard. Choices are made constantly throughout our being. Only a few of them make it to the surface. Filtered by our previous experiences. And choices. Yet, sometimes a choice will get through that must be made. Now. By you. In the present.

Tough choices. Conscious choices. Journey-changing choices.

Those opposed to such events will not experience growth. Remembering that growth can come out of both a positive or negative moment. Just as it can from either a tough or easy decision. People have become complacent. No one relishes the learning anymore. The waves of emotions that come with making mistakes are calm waters. As if we have all chosen to sit still and quietly in our boats.

Go on, put the paddle in…just a little…

Most people are on to the next thing before finishing the current thing. A world of instant gratification. Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. Vintage is now a thing of last week. Experience means nothing anymore. For how can one gain experience if one never sees anything through? Hopefully, this attitude or approach is but a blip in history as one fantasizes about a return to the idea of finishing what one has started.

Where we could journey to if only we had held on to the ability to stick to it. If we could only properly gaze beyond the horizon. And see where the light is really coming from.

A tsunami is born from but a ripple. Paddle. Paddle. Paddle.

Why are we creating robots and machines, technology to moves us forward when we have the world’s greatest instrument resting idle, under used at a meager 10%?

Tough decisions…

Little Things

The big events are always remembered. Probably because they are BIG. And brash. Out for no purpose but to garner attention. They want to be remembered, recalled, and revered. And, for all the wrong reasons. Those nasty moments obliterate the little things. Muscling passed them and making you forget they even existed. Shame.

And so sad. Sad because the good little things are what actually make this old world go ’round and ’round. Sometimes those little things give way to the big things. To the great things. Sometimes stacking all those little things creates a thing of such splendour and magnitude we are unable to properly drink it all in – if we are even able to thirst after what it truly is.

The other thing about the little things is the foreshadowing they offer. And the opportunity. The opportunity to stop something small before it becomes something much bigger, and out of control. Often the little things (good and bad) are stepped over, ignored. When their intended purpose was to warn. And should those warnings go unheeded something of great and global mass can evolve so quickly that there is almost nothing to be done.

All Over

Decisions and choices are scary things. Whether they are meant to be or not. They just are. Because most of us human beings are afraid of consequence. And the fear is real, genuine. Sometimes crippling and debilitating. This can cause hesitance. And hesitance creates time to think, thought can spawn more choices, choices that may or may not really be available. This lapse in time can make us change our minds. Ignore our gut instincts.

Sometimes all of that chaos and confusion can lead us to the wrong conclusions. Choices that began as simple and easy can grow to become complicated and impossible. Reaching such magnitude that while too large to sweep under the rug, we do so anyhow. Stepping over and unsuccessfully ignoring-away the lumps.

When we finally exit this place I would like to think the questions we entered with are answered. I would like to think that we are not necessarily aware of the questions we have and that is why each of us experiences the wonder of the world around us in such a unique way. I would like to think that once all those questions are answered we have the opportunity to leave. That is not to say that we come here with chartered itinerary but maybe a loose plan. A to-do list of sorts. Created over infinite eternities and universes. Knocking things off one lifetime at a time.

Boxes ticked, time to make a choice.


Maybe we leave when we run out of choices.

Have you made your final decision?

Perhaps once we make that last one a light or a bell goes off somewhere and so begin preparations for us to depart…

Ticket, please!

2 thoughts on “Ticking the Boxes

  1. So much thought provoking stuff here. Can you have this sort of conversation with your family? That is, do they have the vocabulary, the insight? If not, does that make you feel like an “outsider” (for lack of a better word)?

    My brothers, and I suspect my parents if they were alive, could not have this conversation.

    Then again, I might be completely ignorant of who they are/were and how they think.

    • Thank you Maggie.

      I have always felt like an outsider…even today. Unfortunately, my parents are not in the same realm as myself. My father is a heavily religious man, he attends weekly Bible study and church as often as he can. My mom sort of follows his lead. Neither are “in to” such topics of discussion. So. We do not have conversations like this…and since I have no relationship with any of my darling siblings it is safe to say this is not a conversation I can (currently or ever) have with them.

      However, my husband and I can chat about such things (and sometimes my dear mum-in-law too). We have always been able to and for that I am infinitely grateful.

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