There are pussies, dicks and assholes.

I watched Team America: World Police, only once, and I am pretty sure I laughed my ass off.

And, for many years I enjoyed the comedy of Parker and Stone via their charming South Park characters.

My favourite was Butters Stotch. My favourite IS Butters Stotch.

I lost track of the show several years ago. I tuned in to an episode a few weeks ago. It made me giggle (though it was late at night and may have involved a wine and…) but it was quite a bit more graphic than I remembered. Still. I think those guys are clever.

I love that speech in Team America. The one about pussies, dicks and the assholes who shit on everything.

Anyways. There is a blog I like to read. And, to be honest, because I do not have much free time to dedicate to reading I like to think those people are lucky to have my readership. It is a busy, busy world. No one has free time. So please know that I value your readership. I am grateful to anyone who stops by here and has a read. Back to the blog I read; I have only recently started commenting on other people’s blogs. I am not completely sure about the etiquette that is involved in all of this and am, perhaps, a little gun shy after a failed attempt in a diabetes forum. Regardless. I made a comment this evening that lead to what I interpreted as rude remarks.

Asshole-esque if I dare say.

And I dare say!

I had sensed some disappointment from the author. Not with the state of affairs they had posted about but more with the audience’s reactions. So, I posted a “if they don’t like it fuck ’em and keep your chin up” sort of comment.

Or so I had thought.

Quite quickly I was made to feel quite small. I found the response from another reader a bit over-the-top. Somewhat condescending. And tremendously rude. I have no patience or tolerance for that. I do not think there is a time or a place where it is okay to be like that. Perhaps, some of you will think I am doing the same thing here. It is not my intention to put that commenter down; I am not in that game.

Will my readership of that blog change in any way? Likely not. I do not think it fair to punish someone by withdrawing my readership because some guy said I had poo hands.

However, I will be more guarded with my commenting.

I did learn a few valuable lessons today so all is not lost:

  1. A lot more people than I had reckoned never mature. (Seriously? We are adults and you are calling me poo hands.)
  2. My skin is not as thick as I would like to think it is. (I doubt I am alone in this.)
  3. Learn the rules before you play the game. (Even if you aren’t ready to run out on the field just yet.)
  4. Some people are just straight up ASSHOLES. (I already knew this, but it is like the gift that keeps on giving with so many out there waiting to prove it.)

I shared it all with my hubby. He was actually upset. He agreed there was more than some unnecessary remarks made in those comments. It was nice to see him a bit peeved and in my corner.

But it is the advice of my wee one that I will be taking. I will blow tooties at all the mean people. What’s a tootie? Some people I believe call it blowing raspberries but my lil’ guy calls them tooties (tongue between the lips, a lot of spit, especially from a 4 year old). Think of good ole Archie Bunker.

So here I am.

Blowing tooties.

At assholes.


9 thoughts on “There are pussies, dicks and assholes.

  1. I’m glad you’ll be back. I was actually worried about this last night.

    My background is journalism. So censorship is a HUGE deal for me. I don’t want to silence people.

    But if you need to drop the banhammer on some pussy, dick, or asshole, you need only say so.

    I’m sorry if you thought I handled it poorly. Or, if I actually handled it poorly, I’m sorry for handling it poorly.

    That’s what she said.

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  3. Excellent post. Nice that you had your husband’s support (that’s what he SHOULD do, but kudos to him for doing it, anyhow). Don’t want to know the details, don’t need to. I have been thoroughly slammed a few times for violating rules of forums where the rules are unposted anywhere to be seen by noobies. I’ve decided one has to push back and learn to do so calmly, and, if up to it, cleverly. Have my feelings gotten hurt? Yes, but eff ‘em anyhow. No shame to be slammed by people who have chosen NOT to be thoughtful to others.

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