Come Sail Away

It is not how you weather the storm but if and how

you use what you learned during the next storm.

Sometimes life appears absent of justice, leaving us with a surplus of questions in the time of an answer drought.

Sometimes life feels like an impassable test.

Other times it feels like an examination.

And, it is peppered with moments that are cruel, unusual and grossly unfair.

The truth: things happen beyond our control to remind us we do not know it all. Nor can we; the point is to pick up the pieces and move on, keep on truckin’ or roll with the punches…insert whatever cliché suits you best, they all mean the same thing. The other and probably more important point is to realize and accept that this is all an infinite, continuous, inter-connected life.

Nothing easy is ever really fun. The lack of challenge often a bitter-sweet killjoy. Not everything that appears difficult is so, and sometimes, just sometimes, the hardest things bring about riotous laughter and aching sides. And, it is crucial to remember life’s challenges are not always a test. Sometimes these moments are more like a pop quiz or something of a refresher course. People are meant to embrace such things as it gives the opportunity to apply yourself and what you have learned.

We should enjoy seeing our previously acquired knowledge employed. That is where all the fun lies: in the implementation. If all you ever do is graze life over you will never get to the real meat of it all. If you do that you will not be able to experience the taste of a full and proper challenge, to feel true success, to know the signs of growth. Fun is watching all the pieces come together. It is seeing real change through careful transitions and sometimes big risks, but mostly, the fun is really just in being here.

Most people believe a test results in answers. A result. A posted grade. And, while they are in part correct, most would have a hard time digesting that fact is false. What we should really hope to achieve is an open discourse that breeds more new questions. These kinds of questions propel us forward; none of us want to remain in the same exact spot. Too many of us stay out of fear. Fear of finding out the answer. Most of us are even more terrified of discovering no answer at all. And, that is often the case.

It seems to me the scariest thing a person can face is a question.

No one trusts a question, too long they have been paired with tests. Such things usually catch you off-guard. And no one likes that.

What is the human condition?

There are a lot of definitions. A lot of opinions.

I offer mine: the human condition is a lack of memories of previous lifetimes.

I do, however, believe we have made big steps forward. Now we, or at least most of us, realize that we have a soul. And, that soul houses all of our previous experiences. It is our very lack of memory that initiates all of our questions about us.

Who am I?

What do I want?

Where am I going?

When will I get there?

Why do I care?

It can be really difficult to place yourself when you are in unfamiliar territory. Often, I think, it takes some time to adjust to the physical. It can take our minds a while to comprehend there is something else at work; something it has to be conscious of, something it has to work with and not against.

Too many times our brain wants to take over. Sometimes our heart does. But not enough times do we trust our guts. That gut instinct, at least, in my opinion, is your soul talking. That sixth sense so many people speak of is the very same thing.

External circumstances are rarely given the credit they deserve. Commonly we blame them. We put these circumstances in the guilty seat to avoid sitting there ourselves and thus announcing our responsibility. What we are really hoping is that it will all just quietly go away. But you must not look at it that way.

When things happen beyond our control it is not meant to be perceived as a kick to the face, though it can certainly feel like one; instead, it is an attempt to make you recognize what it really is. And, what it really is, is a chance to learn. It is meant to be an encouraging nudge. And, understand that it can be abrasive, so do not take it too personally.

The world is not against you. Your god or gods have not forsaken you. The world quite simply does not have the time to focus solely on you. And, who is god to judge and control you? What happens sometimes just happens. Take what you can from it.

The reason we get knocked about in this life is because one person is not meant to know ALL things. The reason we get back up is to try and fulfill that insatiable need to attempt to. It is not wrong. Misguided, perhaps, but not wrong.

And, in some way, that is an endearing quality of the human race.

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