An Angel of a Different Sort

I penned this back in 2004 but do not recall the reasons or the circumstances.


In my heart I keep you deep, so that pleasant slumber you may sleep;

Thoughts and dreams will fill your head, lying safe in our make-shift bed.

I feel you rouse in the depths of my soul.

And I take comfort in this feeling of whole.

Without you here this place would be bare, of your presence I am well aware.

An angel of a different sort.

You will not change or distort;

These feelings I have come to know, now beg the question:

Stay or go?

A decision not for me to make as worry in my mind begins to overtake.

An angel kept in my heart, so that we will never part.

As the night becomes the day, I must ask, angel, will you stay?

Into the sky the sun begins to creep.

My angel lays still fast asleep.

Such pleasant slumber you enjoy alone, with not a whimper or a moan.

I see your eyes begin to twitch; open they are blue and do bewitch.

In my heart and in my bed there lays an angel with a weary head.

Now, hush, dear angel, do not fear.

My hands are known to make such things clear.

Come. Place your head upon my chest and find long searched for and needed rest.

Daylight arrives with a radiant glow.

If I draw the curtains you will never know;

The world awaits beyond that window sill, but hush, dear angel, just lay still.

Mid-day passes, it comes and goes, but the beauty of it no one knows.

Dusk comes quicker and without warning, moves to night and another morning.

My heart still there beneath your head.

And still we are in this make-shift bed.

Laying with the angel, who holds me so, and discovers the truths I cannot show.

You tell me to have no fear, as clearly, angel, you are still here;

I wonder now which head is weary?

Questions such as these make me leery.

As I lay with you upon my breast, I realize I am in need of rest.

I slip into slumber and begin to dream, then see my angel beside a stream.

Indulging in its waters pure, it is me the angel lures;

I take one step and then another for this angel is like no other.

The stoic piece of a trembling heart, from this angel I will never part.

I feel the waters on my feet as ever faster my heart does beat.

In these waters we venture far, closing all the doors once left ajar.

I come to realize with the waters gleaming, I am wide-awake and no longer dreaming.

It seemed in slumber the angel came, yet chose to stay all the same.

Forever in my heart you will be that beautiful sense of hope sent just for me.

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