Shiny and New

I am terrible at this whole blogging thing.

I seem unable to keep my word and have not been providing new posts with more frequency as promised, but alas, what can I do?

I had to get a new computer and figure it all out…I am still not ‘there’ yet.

My fingers painstakingly remember the old keyboard and longingly trail off in the wrong direction.  It is quite frustrating!

Anyways, the posts around here may appear different from here on in and that is because I have a newer word processing application than previous.  It was a bit of a shock when I typed (and then posted Uncharted Waters) in my usual font and it appeared totally different.  I mean, I wasn’t all that upset (I thought it looked neat, the new/old font) but perplexed and feeling as though I had I recently climbed out of the bowels of ancient technology.  Shiny and new, right?  Not always better.

Do not get me wrong.  I feel very fortunate to be sat before this new piece of technology, I am in awe of all the fancy things it does, and what it is capable of; this thing oozes potential.  However, not lost on me is the fact that as soon as this lovely bauble appeared to me all shiny and new, it will soon be rendered dull and old.

While I have it, though, I plan to make the most out of it…perhaps, that will even lead to me holding up my end of the bargain…

You know the deal, the one where you so kindly stop by here and I not as frequently as I could or should provide you something to read…

I promise to do better 🙂

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