Seeing can be Believing

It is okay to believe the things you see.

And equally so to believe those you imagine, however, that is within reason.

Sometimes the things we see are not the things that really are. And sometimes the things we imagine are more real than anything anyone could place before your eyes. Unbelievable are some of the things that we are visually exposed to, but do not forget your mind’s eye. So much stock is put in our eyes and yet, we ignore our imaginations.

Beautiful things these are –imaginations – and still we grown-ups consider it the play of children. Lost to those in this mind-set is a wondrous world of things untold, things not yet thought or imagined.

Children get it.

They spend years in the land of the imaginary and we are so quick to brush them off, so quick to reject their invitation to participate.

Shame – truly, it is very unfortunate.

Children use their imaginations; grown-ups play pretend.

What are we so afraid of? Why are we so opposed to spending time with our imaginations?

It is probably because we feel inadequate and out of practice. And, it is likely that simple. In turn, that should make the solution equally so.

Travel there more often and practice frequently. You will find soon enough that you are more than adequate; you will come to realize you are experience and qualified in the art of imagination. However, should you decide you would rather play pretend you will find it is much, much different than using your imagination. Using your imagination is creative and clever; it will keep your mind healthy and refreshed. It will keep your heart young.

Playing pretend is the deadliest of games we humans play. It is so because it becomes so consuming. It becomes your life, ceasing to be a game. In this instance your dreams and nightmares become your reality. Your reality snaps to an end. Your reality can no longer be real with your new pretend reality superimposed on it. When we pretend we take ourselves out of the real and in to a land of make believe. Things that are not and cannot be suddenly are, things you never thought possible become so, and some things that should not have been allowed seem to now be.

The pretend is so dangerous because it is a manipulation of reality.

The real and proper use of the imagination is true enlightenment.

Too often the two are confused, mistaken to mean the same thing. Because of this people have a hard time believing, and sometimes an equally difficult time seeing. When we pretend we are playing make believe, we are literally trying to make ourselves and those around believe what we are pretending to be real.

It is neither clever nor creative.

It is deceptive and false.

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