Bliss and Ignorance

A lot of people have a tendency to ignore things.

These days, more people seem to just ignore everything.

There are some things in life that just happen. You can’t predict or foresee them. They are elusive and surprising. They are unavoidable and can often be very telling. And, you will almost not believe them when they happen, but happen they will and ignoring them will get you nowhere.

They are the kinds of things that not only appear predestined but are, and that alone should make you stop and take notice. Even if you ignore its occurrence a thing like that will never allow you to rest until you, in the very least, acknowledge it, because if you refuse to acknowledge it, it will wrap you up in some bizarre kind of déjà vu. You will bear witness to the same crazy thing over…and over…again.

Remember, you cannot control everything and some things, moments and events, are designed to keep that in the forefront of your mind. Spin around in times like these and absorb all that you can. You never know what will happen, who you will meet or when you will stop spinning, once you have started.

No one really knows where they are going, and even fewer than those who somehow do are those who know when they will get there; no one seems to like that and far too many find the ‘not knowing’ on the side of unnerving.

Sad really, because the unknown has a lot of fun hidden in there, so why not jump on in?

Test the waters and take a swim, it is different every time. You never know who path you will cross in those unchartered waters. It could be the very one you have been unknowingly searching for, and it won’t hit you until that moment locks. But, from that moment forward you will know that you were meant to carry on that way.

You were meant to embark on a new journey, an extension of the one that lead you to this point.

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