Closing Day

Today the sale of our house closes.

Today the unknown begins.

This morning we awoke in a foreign (yet familiar) place.

And tomorrow we will ride the winds.

And in the middle of it all my blood glucose levels have chosen to be erratic.  Lovely.  And awful. Yikes.

So much has changed in the last few days.  It can be great, exciting and awe-inspiring.  But it can also be terrifying, stressful and crushing.  Keep in mind (ha ha – easier said than done, I know) change is only a reminder that we need a full life. Robust. And curvy.

And though a straight road is easier traveled it offers no bends, no surprises.  This might seem good, safe, what you want.  But is it?  No risk, no reward…

The scary thing about a risk (or anything really) is that you are essentially gambling whether you want to or not.  And the stakes are high; often much higher than we perceive them to be.  Yet there’s something romantically daring about rolling the dice so we go ahead and do it anyway.

Sometimes it takes a gamble to put an end to something just as much as it does for something to begin.  You simply have to decide if you have the balls big enough to push all your chips forward and pick up the dice…

And then, of course, see what happens.

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