Empty House

I am sitting here, in an empty house.

Well, nearly empty.

As with any party, there are a few stragglers. A couple of boxes, a table and some chairs; there’s a pair of lamps, a few toys and a whole bunch of memories – that criss-cross the spectrum.

We leave this house tomorrow. We venture out of the city the day after that and then…who knows!

It is excitingly and terrifying to not know for sure where you will end up, but being surrounded by really good people who have your best interest in mind certainly helps; they guide you and advise you, answering endless questions and easing concerns. Some house you because you truly have nowhere to go, yet.

Good people.

I apologize for my inability to post something more than this.

I thought it would flow easily because of all the emotion and stress involved, and all the blood sugar troubles though there hasn’t been anything too serious in that department, thankfully!

I am going to miss this house for all it was for me over the last decade. I am going to miss it for all it was for my husband over his lifetime.

I am going to miss it because it was the place we started a family we were not certain we would ever have; this is the place we thought we would grow old in.

But we were wrong.

And being that kind of wrong is alarming and shocking. And yet good for you in a way, as it seems to have shaken things up for us in a manner I am not sure anything else could.

I can tell you one thing though, and it is something I am really proud of, and that is the love and joys abound in this empty house. We have continued to have laugh, have fun and create memories, even as we pack up our storage container and say good-bye temporarily to some of our beloved things.

So I guess this house isn’t truly empty. Not today.

By the end of tomorrow yes, but not today; today we have more laughter and memories to create.

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