It’s only natural: Part 1

Our one true and constant companion (beyond ourselves) is nature.

It is our source of life, knowledge, beauty, entertainment and so much more.

And, its wonders will never cease. I hope.

Often many humans employ the mindset that we are the only things that matter, perhaps, because we walk upright and speak. So full of ourselves are we. Some human beings would lead you to believe that we are the only living things on the planet. Others would have you believe they are the only things in existence. People of this ilk are so incredibly wrong, I almost feel embarrassed for them.

There are things alive, growing and living, that we do not even know about, whether that is because of our own imposed ignorance or simply because we are unable to see it, does not matter. Nature also fights for us and can be our greatest champion, if only we would allow ourselves to see that it isn’t a competition. However, this realization can come about only once we understand we are not meant to fear nature. And, as complex and intricate as it may appear the true beauty of nature lies in its simplicity; in that way, it is not unlike life.

The natural world provides us what our bodies need to survive, and is, therefore, our source of life; however, I mean something more than that. By source of life I mean everything; it is where we exist, eat, explore, experience. It provokes thought. We could learn so much from the other living things around us, but unfortunately patience is a thing of the past and instant, tangible gratification is all the rage! It amazes me how much my garden changes and grows throughout the day. The difference between dawn, when I throw the peanuts for my birds and squirrels (all of whom I will dearly miss when we move next week – I hope I am able to make a new group of friends when we eventually land in our new place), and dusk, when the dog makes that last trip out to the backyard, is often uncanny.

But it doesn’t stop there. What some of those plants, animals and trees do while we lay cozy in bed is quite simply magical. Their accomplishments jaw dropping and inspiring, yet most people never notice. And, still, it all continues to happen, for this show is not merely for our entertainment. They are all alive, living, growing and learning, just as we do.

Every day the world around you goes on whether you join in, stand aside and watch or pull yourself from it completely. There are so many things we can learn from nature, and there is so much to gain, too. Join in and you will reap rewards beyond your wildest imagination, though they will be so small and simple you may not see them right away; but, you will, one day. And when this happens your soul will stir and cause your body to physically change. Your heart will fill with joy and you will feel a peaceful calm you didn’t even know you were searching for. Stand aside and you will watch, unable to understand while others achieve pure happiness. But you can always change your mind and join in. If you pull yourself out you will rob yourself even of the chance to indulge by watching another’s happiness. Sadly, you deny yourself the opportunity of experience and growth, and so, the chance to learn. If you give up on that, you must ask yourself why you are still here. That is not to say that you should leave, oh no; what I am saying is come. Come and join us.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and an infinite amount to gain.

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