Some people refuse to learn in the process. Some people refuse to learn when they fail. And, a select few refuse to learn anything at all. Pride is what holds them back. It keeps them behind. Way behind. So much so that they only acknowledge situations in which they are right. Often their sense of ‘rightness’ is a facade. A mask they have fabricated and worn so long, so long it has become a second skin.

Pride is not a terrible thing to have, but as with most things, one must use moderation; use small doses and within reason. To be proud of oneself is not a bad thing; to be too proud is. It can be a fine line to dance upon and a dangerous game to play: the stakes are high and the rules frightfully unclear. Self-respect and pride, though close in theory, are very different. Arrogance and pride are much closer bed fellows, who entertain the likes of conceit and vanity, every now and then. Get too cozy with pride and you will find yourself entangled in some kind of sordid affair. And, that is where all of the trouble lies. Who do you turn to and confide in? Who do you ask for help? The trouble begins to grow, and grow, because too many of us do not realize we need it.

Pride can prevent you from seeking out help and guidance. It is something else entirely that makes you hesitate to accept it. Anyone who thinks life is a completely solo mission is poorly mistaken. We rely on interaction –no matter how brief- with others and the world around us to bring about our growth and progress. We absolutely cannot do it on our own.

By simply living, inhabiting your body, walking the earth, you have come in search of help. You want to grow; to grow is to learn. Too many people reject this idea. Too many people think they know it all already. Pride is what holds you back. When you seek out help you concede a bit of your pride, so why not let it all go and actually learn something?

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