Big Bang

The birth of an emotion is like that of a universe; it all starts with a big bang.

The birth of an emotion is like that of a universe; it all starts with a big bang.

I have absolutely no idea where common courtesy has gone.

Did it abandon us? Or have we simply misplaced it? Tucked it away somewhere so safe, we have forgotten where we put it?

That is such a loss to suffer, no matter how it may have come about. For something so small, it has the ability to achieve so much more than any grand gesture. People have become so wrapped up, so immersed in themselves that a number of them seem to think they are the only ones who exist. And, that number appears to be increasing.

We are reckless with each other’s feelings, and very seldom sorry for it. There are just too many excuses, explanations, reasons floating around out there and too many of us simply reach out and take one. All the while, truth and honesty stand before you waiting to be noticed. It seems to me that too many people are afraid of the truth; too many fear being honest. And so, instead of beginning with the truth, as it is the place to which you will return, we have grown accustomed to dressing it up in little white lies. Anything other than the truth is just that, something other than the truth. It really doesn’t matter how you dress it up. Start with the truth; it may seem cruel and cold, but it will always hurt a lot less if it comes first. Cut to the chase. There’s no point in elongating the situation if you have already come to a conclusion. There’s no point in keeping someone else in the dark. The truth is light, and while at first it may be so bright it is hard to bear, and may cause you to avert your eyes; the right thing to do is to share that light with someone you have kept in the dark. It is your only hope for true forgiveness, whether that comes from the person you have been untruthful with or yourself.

Sometimes the situation really isn’t anything other than what it is, and it is about time more people realized that. For when you do, you will see that there is no need for any excuses. No cause for explanation and no reason to be found. With the way clear you will only be able to see the truth, and so, see the situation for what it really is. Sometimes all the situation really needs is for somebody to recognize it for what it is. And, say so.

A soul is a resilient thing. It is home to our emotions. They live on in our souls and that is why we can experience physical pain and pleasure in tandem with other similar emotions. Loss of love does not really break your heart, but it damages a part of your soul.

The birth of an emotion is like that of a universe; it all starts with a big bang! Some are like an explosion that tickles our sense, and yet, others can be so subtle we barely notice them. Each emotion is unique, but all require restraint. We cannot let even one emotion run free for too long, let along give in to them all at once. Each will need time to grow; we have to allow them to become what they are meant to be, before we decide to deal with them. Some will require control on our part, while others will need a lot less governance. However, just because we (think we) understand this does not mean we will always get it right.

Every emotion grows at a different rate. Some evolve at a constant speed, others are more gradual. Some emotions grow at an alarmingly fast pace, and some appear stunted. Sometimes they seem silly and out-of-place; other times it may feel as though the wrong one comes when you call. Sometimes it feels there are none to beckon. But, a soul is a resilient thing. And, only it has the patience for emotions.

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