Frustration can be worse than anger. At least, I think it is. Anger is easily released whether in an acceptable manner or not, even if only temporary. Frustration builds, but only if you allow it to. It can also be a great source of motivation and it can definitely be stagnant. Frustration is something we are meant to overcome; it is supposed to, in truth, teach us patience. And, that will not be a reward easily won.

Frustration often appears in the form of repeated challenge. We cannot hope to overcome it the first time we encounter it, though many of us have such lofty ideas, and that is quite simply unreasonable. As can be some of the ways we react to frustration; it can make us rebel, cut corners, play ignorant. It can make you feel much removed from yourself. It can make you want to give up and quit. Frustration is able to call on emotions you did not even know you had, and all the ones you thought you had under control. And, even the ones you had deliberately forgotten.

We need to be challenged, and so, will be frustrated. What you have to keep in mind is the essential part of the lesson is not always the close of the experience. Often the way in which we deal with a situation is more important than the outcome we achieve. Sometimes the most valuable lessons are those you learn in the process. Sometimes the outcome doesn’t matter at all, and yet, that is where all our focus goes. Innately we have the notion that we can only learn once we have achieved or failed. Some situations just aren’t that black and white. We have lost sight of our ability to multi-task, to learn as we do, not wait until after we are done. Frustration teaches that, but you have to open yourself up to the idea.

It can also be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually drain you. And it should, if you are to gain any strength. Frustrations test our endurance in every way you can possibly imagine.

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