We are all searching for something. Some of us know what we are looking for, others do not. Some people are just waiting for it to smack them in the face!

When we are young, the older and wiser people in our lives like to gently, and sometimes not so gently, remind us of our potential and talents; all too often, throughout our lives, we are given free advice as to how that potential and those talents should be employed. Seldom does this seemingly simple nudging and perhaps well-meaning advice come with the support necessary to put it all in motion. So, where does that leave us? Usually with bucket loads of other people’s thoughts and opinions, very few of our own, and a handful of questions…

Who am I?

What do I want?

Where am I going?

When will I get there?

Why do I care?

At some point in each of our lives – once we have left the creature-comforts of the land of childhood – we will allow ourselves to be changed, altered in some way. Sometimes by love, sometimes for love; however, most of the time it has nothing to do with love at all. And stranger still, it usually has nothing to do with us.

A soul is a resilient, yet fragile, thing and it can fall victim to another for a time so that other can work through whatever it is they need to; however, as simple as that may sound or appear it is certainly not. It is almost always far more complicated than either side anticipates.

Vengeance has its role to play, a catalyst of sorts, and a silent one at that. We have all worn a different hat, a different personality for lack of a better phrase, to see what it is like, to fit in, to keep love, to survive. We do this whether it is intentional and we are conscious of it or not. And, sometimes we allow other people to change us, alter us, mould us into something better suited for their purposes, all because we trust them. Sometimes we should not. Sometimes they attempt to stunt our growth, and hinder our progress, so that they can hurt someone else. Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for us, a soul is a resilient thing. It possesses a power to heal that surpasses that of both love and time. But you must want that to get it.

No matter how lost one may feel each of us innately knows who we are and that alone should be cause to stop searching. Stop trying to find out who you are; you already know that. You need to trust it. Stop looking to other people to guide you down a path that belongs to you. Once you stop searching for the illusive whatever-it-is you will see it. Take a walk down that path alone. That is where your journey begins and it is one you must embark on singularly. When you realize and recognize that, you will feel the freedom to exist as you are meant to: unchanged, unaltered, and as you were when you drew your first physical breath.

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